Belong To x McWilliam Bags


Belong To x McWilliam Bags

Holds all you want. Holds all you need.

This exclusive bags will feature the recognizable McWilliam striped holdall and rainbow strap with the Belong To logo embroidered on the side, inspired by the vibrant and diverse spirit of the LGBTQ+ community, symbolizing unity and celebrating individuality.  All bags are medium sized.  You can also choose to have your name on the other end of the bag – choose embroidery and put a personal touch on it!  For each bag sold we will donate €10 to Belong To, to support this great charity.

Belong To Youth Services is a nationally recognized charity that provides vital support and resources to LGBTQ+ young people across Ireland. With a focus on inclusivity, empowerment, and advocacy, Belong To works tirelessly to create safe spaces, foster acceptance, and champion the rights of LGBTQ+ youth. Through its various initiatives, the organization offers counselling, mentoring, educational programs, and community engagement opportunities.

Everything about the McWilliam Black Holdall is practical. Hand made from abrasion-resistant, durable fabric, your McWilliam Holdall fits a surprising amount of your belongings and, even when full, can be squeezed into tight storage spaces.

We’ve been hand-making McWilliam Bags in our loft near Crosshaven Co. Cork, since 1971. Many of those bags are still in use after 30 years because after a while, a McWilliam bag isn’t luggage – it’s a companion.

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  • If you would like custom embroidery please enter the exact text you would like on your bag. Please include all punctuation.

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Key Features of the Black Holdall

  • Made of highly durable, abrasion-resistant fabric
  • Water resistant to keep gear dry
  • Industrial strength zip with corrosion proof slider
  • Double stitched, reinforced handles
  • Sewn McWilliam Sailmakers Logo
  • Large main compartment with end pocket for small item storage
  • Folds to small size for compact storing when not in use

The McWilliam Black Holdall – Grab it, pack it and stow it and your gear is home and dry.

General Sizing Information

We are frequently asked “what size bag should I get!?” Below we give a few examples of what each size is generally used for. The capacity and dimensions of each bag are also listed in the table below.

  • Small [S]: We recommend the small size as a handy day bag or gym bag. Handy for going to the pool or the kids going to school. Ideal for 6-11 year olds also.
  • Medium [M]: The medium is by far the most popular size of McWilliam Bag. Ideally sized for day to day use and airplane carry on luggage; you will wonder how you ever managed without one. Ideal for 11+ years old and teenages/secondary school students.
  • Large [L]: If you need a bit of extra space for all your sports gear, or if you’re aren’t fond of taveling light, then the large size is for you. We have traveled all over the world sailing with a large bag as our trusty carry on luggage partner. If they ask, simply squish it to fit!

Carry On Luggage Advice

We use Large and Medium Bags as carry on luggage all the time. The medium is within airline dimensions. The large is slightly bigger but we have never been questioned in all our years of flying. No one questions style and good taste after all!

Capacity & Dimensions

The below dimensions are approximate. As each of our bags is hand made there will be a small variation from the stated sizes.

Capacity (L) 31L 42L 50L
Size (cm) L x W x H 52 x 24 x 25 60 x 28 x 24 68.5 x 28 x 24
Weight (Kg) < 1 kg < 1 kg < 1 kg

It usually takes 5 working days (Mon-Fri) to make a custom McWilliam Bag. This time applies to:

  • All bags with custom embroidery.
  • Bags without embroidery which we do not have in stock.

Please call us to check stock availability if you are in a particular rush for a certain bag. Otherwise please allow 5 working days for manufacture and delivery.

+353 (0)21 483 1505

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